First Mainland Donkey & Mule Club News

Donkeys and Mules may not be our whole life, but they sure make our life whole!


The 1st Mainland Donkey & Mule Club is a non profit  organization established in 2005 to preserve and protect donkeys and mules in British Columbia.  The club consists of a group of committed members who share their love for our long eared friends. We are dedicated to the enjoyment, education and promotion of donkeys and mules through shows and other family oriented activities.


 The 1st Mainland Donkey & Mule Club meets regularly to discuss donkey business, renew old acquaintances and make new friends.  We also have some very talented members in the kitchen which allows us to to sample some of the best goodies in the donkey world!  So.........if you have, want to have, know someone else who has, or just want to know more about donkeys and mules come and join us at our next club meeting.  Check back soon for details.


 From the moment this adorable, long-eared foal is born, its mission is to give love and thrive on attention.  Their kind, gentle disposition make them excellent pets. They are very social animals who naturally love children and form very close attachments to their owners. 



There is a old saying:   "Horses look at you, but donkeys see through you, right into your  soul".


Click and follow any one of the donkeys below to find out more..........