First Mainland Donkey & Mule Club News

Donkeys and Mules may not be our whole life, but they sure make our life whole!








 Bud Allen & Nipper

Virginia Allen driving Remmington & Storm
Fort Langley Parade
Fort Langley, B.C






W. V. Mystic Bean
     July, 2006







Sandy Walmsley's
        inaugural cart drive.









Pepper's broken leg
March, 2009







Waylon & Willie









Gwenaya  visiting with
       Taffy & Jill











Winter 2008/2009








Sue Balcom & Rocket
Pat Strang & Mystic

"2008" Dogwood Donkey Show
Abbotsford, B.C.








Virginia Allen driving Storm & Remmington
"2008" Lyon Seminar







Shiela Miles donkey
 Miss Kitty & Curtis







Sue Balcom's donkeys & horse  Rocket, Ronnie & C.J.








Trudy Leishman modelling her new  donkey  hat.
" I don't think so" says Bart to    his Mom, Margaret Stewart. 
 Sylvia Hardy and her donkey Babe at one of the club's play day.
Jenna Howell clipping her donkey Guido.
Trudy Leishman in wheelbarrow driving Mystic