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Donkeys and Mules may not be our whole life, but they sure make our life whole!

       Rx: Prescription Donkey Therapy  

                                                                      You’ve tried everything (almost): prescription drugs, vitamins, psychoanalysis, diets, exercise programs, yoga, transcendental meditation and still you feel depressed and worried. But, have you tried…Donkey Therapy??!! This highly acclaimed and innovative treatment is 100% effective for all types of stress, anxiety and fatigue-related syndromes.

How Treatment Works

Borrow or purchase one very miniature donkey. Sit on an old bucket. Wait about 10 seconds for the donkey to trot over expectantly and to “hug” your neck donkey-style, resting his head on your shoulder. RELAX. Now take a good look at his comical countenance. Notice his rather humble bearing, big brown eyes and disproportionately long ears. What about that big toothy grin? He doesn’t take himself too seriously. Neither should you.

Now that you have a better perspective, tell him all your problems while you absentmindedly scratch the backside he just offered you. When there’s nothing left to tell and he’s finished nibbling on your shoelaces, take a deep sigh and rest your elbows on the donkey’s back (see example). Rest your chin. Survey the peaceful scene before you, seeing the landscape from your donkey’s viewpoint. (Life’s a lot simpler that way).

Try leaning on your little friend as a pillow or back-rest as you close your eyes and enjoy a quiet daydream. What a calm and patient support he is! – able to bear a burden many times his weight. Shouldn’t you transfer the “weight of the world” off your shoulders to the One who made him?

Now, test his loyalty by moving your seat. He won’t disappoint you, but will follow you dutifully to your new corner of the pasture.

Spend at least 10 more minutes watching your wooly friend chase a grasshopper, toss a bucket in the air, and kick up his heels in delight at being alive. Laugh as he “hee haws” back at you. Then, take a deep breath, brush off the dust and straw before returning to “reality” with a fresh attitude.

But, next time you get overwhelmed, remember your donkey retreat and that the long-eared “paramedics” are available to help you anytime!

NOTE: Treatment can be addictive, but can be repeated safely as often as necessary.